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About MJC jewellery

MJC Jewellery by Min-Ji Cho

Min-Ji Cho is a contemporary jewellery designer-maker based in Germany.

She completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London(2007). Since graduating she has been taking part in various exhibitions and selling her jewellery worldwide.

She aims to investigate the meaning of real material value in the aesthetic of today.

"I'm always looking for interesting forms, textures and things that are ambiguous. I like using fabricating processes that make each piece of my jewellery individual. Often things happen unexpectedly as I work with basic materials, but in extraordinary ways. I believe the best results mostly happen unexpectedly. I love the idea that every single piece looks slightly different having it's own textures and individual preciousness. Small details make a big difference and those details inspire me."


To learn more about Min-Ji Cho please visit her website.